On September 15th, 2016, a new version of Dream Overseas platform was officially launched. Aiming to become world 1st and No 1 global multi-lingual professional consulting service O2O transaction platform.

In April 2016, Dream Overseas co-organized 2016 Shanghai Investment Immigration Summit which took place in Shanghai Center Tower, the highest building in Shanghai. This is the first-ever event of China Investment and Immigration Industry. More than 100 representatives of immigration, overseas study, overseas investment and overseas property projects came together, that represented government institutions, migration and real estate agencies & associations, top investment banks, law firms, accounting firms, mutual funds, and foreign banks. Mr. John Du, CEO of Dream Overseas, made a speech on The Gateway to China Market at the forum. He talked from rich experience of Dream Overseas business endeavours in China and presented his view of developing a win-win market for the investment and immigration industry. His speech was welcomed and appraised by the participating guests for his unique viewpoint, thorough analysis and case study. It was no surprise that Dream Overseas won Best Contribution award by the organization committee of the summit.

In January 2015, DO platform and data base was upgraded and became the first-ever B-B-C platform of China investment immigration service. Clients began to be able to search destination country and business category for overseas projects, service locations and consultants. Corresponding emails and text messages were sent over to clients instantly via the upgraded platform.
In January 2015, Dream Overseas established strategic alliance with Ctrip, the biggest Chinese online travel service and US-listed company, for long-term partnership.
In February 2015, Dream Overseas established strategic alliance with YuuZoo, the first global third-generation networking media, which enabled marketing & promotion of Dream Overseas platform in the world and helped DO to develop E-business network, APP and multi-language versions. With YuuZoo online shopping and global network, DO was able to introduce more overseas projects into China market.

In March 2015, DO marketed more than 300 units of Australian real estate projects with the value of more RMB 40 billion, on top of existing property projects from Australia, the United States, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Cyprus, and Corse de Rica.

In March 2015, DO established alliance with China most trusted public notary office and introduced DO PAY, the first-ever third-party funds trust account in China, which was also the first-ever legal foreign currency remittance and mortgage service. DO PAY realized the pursuit of Chinese investors for funds transfer security.
In April 2015, it was DO that introduced first-ever training scheme which covered DO platform, DO business, operating procedure. More than 10 authorized service agencies in China have participated in the training.

In March 2014, Dream Overseas signed a co-operation agreement with Shanghai Yarun Culture Communications Co., Ltd, the biggest cross-region media group in China. DO became a strategic partner of TV talk-show, Visalution, and Mr. John Du, CEO of DO, became the most welcome guest speaker of the show.
In May 2015, Dream Overseas introduced the DO platform, the unique business model, to the Chinese TV media for the first time. The platform was set up to benefit all the parties in the industry, which covered businesses of overseas study, immigration, visa, study tour, overseas training, overseas properties, overseas investment, overseas finance, overseas listing, import and plastic surgery, etc.

In June 2014, DO platform successfully launched search function which made it easier for clients to search for projects and make contact with the consultants.

In August 2014, DO pre-consulting center was in operation, which provided consulting services to global clients all year round.
In September 2014, DO co-operated with KCCS, the most professional and reliable plastic surgery association of Korea and introduced the new business of overseas plastic surgery. DO was keen on bringing the top international medical cosmetic technology into China and led on the trend of micro plastic surgery.

In November 2014, DO signed the strategic co-operation agreement with Greenland Group and Bank of China, as was followed by promotion on China Business Network for overseas property purchase and mortgage.

In April 2011, DO signed the exclusive long-term co-operation agreement with UBC Coffee, which has more than 1,200 Cafes in China.

In 2010, after GFC there was a big change in Australian immigration policy, which was no longer loose and easy-going. DO revised the development strategy quickly and target the whole world for development projects.
In 2008, Mr John Du received Chinese Australian Business Talent award first from the Global Chinese Media Summit, and then won the Initiative Award of the Ethnic Business Awards which was selected from more than 100 business elite and entrepreneurs for exceptional contribution to the Australian ethnic community and social development. Mr. Kevin Rudd, Prime Minister of the time, issued the award to Mr. Du. SBS, the Australian TV Network for multi-culture, invited Mr. Du for a special interview. This was the first-ever award in Australia to recognize the value of an entrepreneur who made his mark in education, migration and then further into more territories. Mr. Kevin Rudd was in high praise of Mr. Du as the leading entrepreneur for innovation.

In March 2007, Dream Overseas sponsored the Chinese Dragon, the Chinese Cheering Group, for the Chinese National Team at the No. 12 World Swimming Championship which was held in Melbourne. Throughout the whole event, the Chinese Dragon made appearance at the every match where there was Chinese participation and contributed to the achievement of 9-gold and 16-silver medals. In recognition of Mr. John Du’s contribution, Mr. Liang Shugen, the Chinese Consul General in Melbourne at the time, issued a special award to him.
In May 2006, the O2O model made maiden appearance, which was the integration of online and off-line brands into one Dream Overseas Brand. DO was registered as an international trade mark.
In September 2006, DO developed DO Phone, a high-tech Global Communication Network integrated with DO global toll free phone number. DO phone changed the traditional model and provided a more efficient and convenient solution for consulting service. It also made it possible for the branch offices in the world to have free calls among them and the management to look after the operation from every corner of the world with DCDS system.
In October 2006, Mr. John Du was the cover man on the No. 4 issue of Made in China magazine which was the first local magazine focussing on overseas-oriented Chinese business journal. In December 2007, Mr. John Du and his company was selected into the Book of Patriotic Chinese Collection as a model overseas Chinese success story.

In 2004, the education and culture exchange program was launched to promote the understanding between China and Australia and benefit the human society. DO was the sole sponsor to make it possible for the Guangzhou Ballet to tour around Australia, which was followed by sponsorship of Chinese Tibet Song and Dance Troupe, etc.
In August 2004, in recognition of his effort in culture exchange and charity activities, Mr. John Du was awarded Chinese Elite of Victoria, and the influential man by a Chinese Weekly. Ms Amanda Vanstone, former Immigration Minister of Australia, and former Chinese Consul General in Melbourne were present at the award ceremony.
In October 2004, the subsidiary Asia-Australia Education and Migration Service was selected into the first Waiver-Ready List by the Australian Ministry of Immigration for professional service and integrity.

In 2002, was launched and upgraded, which integrated online school application system, online visa application system and the unique online customer service center. It made it possible for clients to make consulting requests online and follow up the case progress spontaneously. In June 2004, it was further upgraded to DCDS 5.0, providing options of website version, PC version and local office version, to be a more business oriented software. The whole platform integrated services of online consulting, evaluation, school enrolment application and visa application and online customer service.

In October 2000, DO launched ACDS, a self-developed intellectual property which was a centralized cross-region cross-time-zone data system integrating migration, overseas study and accounting information. With this management system, it was made possible for spontaneous data transmission and efficient business administration. ACDS was later upgraded into DCDS system.

In 1999, there was a first step in China, quickly spreading offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Fuzhou with the headquarter in Shanghai.

In the period of 1994 and 1999, the Group established offices in Australia, New Zealand, China, Vietnam, India, Korea and Japan, etc.

In March 1989, Mr. John Du established Asia-Australia Education and Migration Center. He initiated the new business concept and introduced the new idea of one-stop service for education and migration.