1. Xinmei Education: DO model will definitely be leading the industry to a higher peak.

2. Jiadao Migration: DO operation model is far better than any other peer platform. Surely it will be even greater in prospect.

3. Le Elite Learning: It is amazing to integrate agents, projects and consultants into a one-stop platform.

4. Siyi Art and Design Education: Among so many competitors, Dream Overseas is the only one platform that is outstanding.

5. Mr. Liao, GM of Chinese Business Migration: DO’s business promotion ranks No.1 in migration industry.

6. Miss Li of Shanghai Puhui B-Consulting Co., Ltd: We will not be able to be in contact with Australian government without the influence and assistance of Dream Overseas.

7. Mr. Mitch-Savage of GLABE, an Australian company: As a real estate agent, I have witnessed enthusiastic participation in DO’s promotional activities. I look forward to cooperation with DO.

8. Mr. Yuan of Shanghai Handsor: It has been always a huge success with DO’s promotional activities. It is a great idea to have one-stop service platform which provides opportunities of business extension. I am in high praise of the new business model of DO platform and look forward to more promotions and more opportunities to exchange views with the experts.

9. Training Institution of Shanghai International Studies University: DO has pre-selected projects and clients which are later referred to us. We are grateful to the great DO service.